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Fortunately my garments had been black and when somebody had been to see them than that knows. When we reached the location we took all my bondage toys away from my cargo pockets.

We began to remove a nicely fold my garments in a heap and hid them behind a fantastic large branch. Thank heavens we wore black coincidently ( we’ll let you know why later) I began to strap on my ball gag harness that I love because i enjoy the sensation of getting that strapped to my mind with a pleasant big ball gag during my lips too. As soon as that has been done I happened to be entirely was and naked thinking to myself am i must say i carrying this out. Well i can not stop now because its another long stroll just to fetch the tips. I really couldn’t throw in the towel now therefore I used my nipple clamps which felt amazing. We tied my feet together above my knees. Read more

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