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70 % of single ladies want Christian men to ‘man up’ and ask them out

70 % of single ladies want Christian men to ‘man up’ and ask them out

New research carried out together with a sizable UK church has revealed some shocking findings about Christian dating tradition. Samuel Verbi explains

Rebecca, just one Christian woman in her own belated 20s, sat opposite me personally in a local cafe. Already 30 minutes over our interview that is 45-minute had been once more at a loss for a solution.

“There simply aren’t any single men that are christian I’ve read most of the publications, understand that God is with in charge and all sorts of of that, however when there literally aren’t enough males to get round, i truly don’t know very well what else we’re likely to do? ”

The situation for women like Rebecca can be problematic in a church culture where marriage to another Christian is seen as the best and often only option, but with a ratio of 60:40 single women to men.

But while our solutions have actually typically gone to ignore this conundrum, or even to bury ourselves within the latest self-help that is dating, we’ve yet to consider this dilemma objectively.

Although we have actually pages on which a perfect dating culture should appear to be, hours of sermons saying just what, with God’s assistance, it’s going to seem like, we now have no analytical image of just what it presently does seem like.

It had been this is exactly why that I started within the research partnership that We now operate having a statistician in main London. Read more

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